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Carevan Blacktown Volunteer Tea Towels

It's always nice to shine the spotlight on not-for-profits that we've had the fortune of working with and Carevan Blacktown is no exception.

Committee member Caroline reached out to us as she wanted to organise a special Christmas gift for their volunteers, she filled us in on the work that this wonderful organisation do; "Carevan is a charity that provides a sit down meal for folk less fortunate and doing it tough in the area. We provide meals and and hampers, fruit and veg and a variety of other wonderful products/produce provided to us through enormous generosity of time, deed and donation from a number of local organisations and individuals. Actual meals are principally made by a local school whose home economics classes make meals and donate them to Carevan, as does another local church group. Then there are also lots of other kind and generous contributors. We are associated with Carevan Albury which was stared by Dr John Brabent (OAM) in 2002. We got the old van we use from them and began our own journey in 2011 and are growing stronger each year BUT the old and much loved iconic van is on it's last legs so it was extra lovely to capture this in our Chrissie gift idea."

The illustration that was created of the old van was done by an online company Caricaturist and the touching line included underneath "Without your Care we are simply a Van" was thought up by Caroline and a friend. The tea towels were gifted to the volunteers at their recent Christmas party and all were thrilled with how they turned out!

Their website is still in a work in progress however anyone interested in what Carevan Blacktown are up to or how you can contribute be sure to checkout their Facebook page HERE, which always has something happening! 

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