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Personalised Custom Printed Tea Towels | Eco-friendly Business Merchandise

Samira's Merchandise Goods

A favourite on MasterChef Season 10, Samira Damirova will be a familiar face to foodie fans across the country. Not only a passionate cook, she's also an extremely talented photographer, culminating in her beautiful blog Sam's Kitchen Foodie Goods where she illustrates step-by-step her recipes that are in her words, "delicious, colourful, nutritious and most of all real and simple (no "scary" ingredients or methods)."

Her recent culinary venture was her pop-up restaurant Lavash at the 2018 Gourmet Escape event and we were delighted to help create her range of merchandise to sell and wear across the 2-day festival.

With a striking design created by her friend Jenny Lee Clegg she decided on a custom printed black cotton tote bag, white apron and white tea towels with space to be signed personally by her, (such a great idea!). With fellow MasterChef alumni Brendan Pang and Reece Hignell on board to help it sounds like Lavash was a huge success - congratulations Samira!

For more info on our merchandise jump over to the merch info page HERE

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