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Why choose this method? Screen printing is ideal for one to three colour designs or those that require a high level of vibrancy as the inks used in screen printing are applied as solid colours and are thicker than those used in digital printing.

Our screen printing ink is colourfast, fade resistant and long wearing. Choose from our standard range of colours or inquire about the use of PMS (Pantone Matching System) colours and metallic.

How does it work? A negative of your design is ‘burned’ onto a silk screen which is stretched tightly over a metal frame. The screen is placed directly on the product and the ink is machine-squeegeed over the screen with the ink only slipping through the unprinted areas of the screen revealing the design on the product. The inks are then set using a heat tunnel, folded and packed.

This method can be used for single or multiple colours designs using our 100% environmentally friendly water based inks. They are 100% solvent, PVC and phthalate free with approval from the Soil Association of the UK, having successfully met the requirements of the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS) for non-organic chemical inputs for use in organic textile processing.

expressions digital printing


Why choose this method? Digital printing is the best option for intricate, detailed designs such as photographs, watercolour artworks or any designs with 5 or more colours.

If you only require a smaller print run there is minimal set-up involved in this style of printing therefore a lower minimum order quantity is possible.

How does it work? Digital printing is a newer technology where artwork is processed through a computer and printed directly onto the product using eco-friendly ink (Oeki-Tex 100 certification). Using CMYK plus White a broad colour range and photographic results can be achieved.